Who are we ?

After 10 years of experience acquired with local construction actors, Marc-Alain Calicis created MCconcept in 2010. MCconcept was born from the observation that high-end construction sites, whether they are in the mountains (chalets, hotels, ...) or on the plains (villas, or others) require not only advanced technical skills, rigorous administrative and financial monitoring but also total availability and flexibility to meet the most demanding expectations. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

We combine these skills with dynamism and professionalism
avec dynamisme et professionnalisme


Marc-Alain Calicis Founder and Manager

  • Formation : Ecole Polytechnique - Civil Construction Engineer
  • Professional Experience: Project Management, General Contractor, Design Office

Nathalie Calicis Navaux

  • Education: Business School
  • Professional experience: Controlling, Cash Management, Merger - Acquisition (GOLDMAN SACHS, WINOA, ...)

According to our clients' requests, we work as Project Manager, General Contractor, Delegated Project Manager, AMO (Assistant Project Manager) or OPC (Scheduling, Steering and Coordination).
Our skills enable us to cover all the stages of each project, from the preliminary project to the acceptance of the work, including the Building Permit, the technical studies and execution plans, and site monitoring...

MCconcept offers a recognized expertise in project management: engineering, regulatory aspects, steering, coordination but also financial and administrative follow-up. We are committed to meet the requirements of each project, while respecting financial and planning constraints.

Because each project is unique and so are our customers, we dedicate to them a secure private space allowing them to consult in real time all the technical and administrative data relating to their project (site reports and photos, plans, administrative and financial data).

We select specialized companies, on a case-by-case basis, in agreement with our clients, according to their ability to meet the specific requirements of each project.